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Sobreviviré - Überleben - Survive

"To survive"

Sofia Cruz, Marlene Lahmer. Jorge de Leon, Roberta Palla, Manuela Picallo Gil, Michael Pöllinger, Maximilian Leon and Agustin Sanchez

Curated by Oscar Sanchez

Vernissage 6.9.2018 7 pm
Special Meeting 24.9.2018
Duration 7.- 29.9.2018
Schleifmühlgasse 12-14, Vienna, Austria

"To Survive". curated by Oscar Sanchez, is a presentation of Latino America and European artists and their interpretation of their survival battles in Mexico City.
Once mapped the city, for a better understanding or kind of dissecting a new area. Sanchez asked artists like , Jorge de Leon, Manuela Picallo Gil, Michael Pöllinger, Sofia Cruz, Marlene Lahmer and Maximilian Leon for their representation of the actually situation as well as a visualization of their daily struggles.
The match of well known artists and up coming ones offers a wide range not only in the interpretation issue, also a substantiated impression of their current status as well as about their suffering.
Mexico City and Guatemala City are torn between culture and narc business, between corruption and poverty.